Brain drain in Nepal

How providing jobs in remote areas stops brain drain in Nepal?

The concept of brain drain dates back to the early 20th century, when people around the world, especially those in Europe, began migrating to faraway lands in search of better opportunities and well-being in life. Despite some differences, scholars have a common definition of brain drain. Brain  drain  is  an  international  flow  of  skilled  individuals […]

Humanization of Digital Experience

Digital Experience

The workspace is going through a digital revolution as it adapts to keep up with the latest trends and needs of workers and employers. Virtual or digital offices have begun popping up globally due to the move from a physical workspace to a remote. A virtual office is a digital workspace that allows individuals and […]

Remote Work and its Implications

Digital Marketing

Remote work is the new buzzword spurring discussions on how to best run your business, its benefits and implications that comes with it.

Present and Projected Dynamics of Remote Work

Work from home

Over 50 years ago, a NASA engineer named “Jack Nilles” coined the phrase “telecommuting,” implying that workers did not need to reach the corporate office to work as the same could be done remotely (Berthiaume, 2020). Remote working is not a new concept, but it took decades for the necessary technology and resources to become […]