Sakchha takes copyright and intellectual property seriously.
Our policies against copyright infringement and plagiarism are designed to protect not just rights holders but also the Buyers and Sellers who do business through Sakchha. 

Buyers have the right to expect original work that legitimately belongs to them. Sellers must protect their reputations by avoiding intentional or accidental copyright infringement.

The policies are applicable to all services/jobs, where a Seller agrees to provide work for hire to a Buyer. In this and other applicable situations, Sakchha requires that: 

  • Sellers deliver work that is original
    Copying text, designs, code, ideas, etc., from other sources is not acceptable.
  • Sellers do not use copyrighted materials
    Images, illustrations, video, etc., protected by copyright cannot be used in larger projects. Sellers and Buyers are responsible for determining who owns the rights to these materials and using only those in public domain.
  • Buyers do not ask Sellers to violate copyright
    Buyers cannot request that Service Providers make use of materials for which the Buyers do not own rights or license.
  • Buyers and Sellers respect license, terms of use, and other agreements
    Parties should share stock images, video, fonts, and other materials only as permitted by license agreements.

Users who violate these policies may find their accounts suspended or closed.