Consult the following step-by-step guide to learn more about using
Getting started:
Creating an account
Posting leads
Making a hire
Finding a Service

1. Creating an account
Start by entering your email and creating a username and password on the Sign-Up page. Sign-Up button is located on the upper right-hand corner of homepage.

Select the sign-up as a Seller or a Buyer. Also make sure to choose if you are signing up as an Individual or a Organization. Then watch your email inbox for a confirmation link. Confirm your email by clicking the link.

Next, complete your General Information by clicking a User Icon located at top right of your screen. A complete profile is your best tool for winning jobs/services and connecting with potential Buyers.

More account tips:

Keep the contact information listed in your profile current
Add any new skills or education accomplishments to your resume
Track the stars you have been awarded on your Dashbaord
Access your Lead In Progress, Requested Leads and Completed Leads list in your Dashboard.

2. Posting leads
To start posting lead as a Buyer, you need to create an account and complete your profile.

Click Add Lead located on the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard. Fill out Lead Title, provide a Lead Description and Skill Required.  Next, list your projected budget.

You can attach supporting file (formal job descriptions, project briefs, etc.) if you choose.

Choose any precise skills you need, including experience with specific applications, programming languages, etc. This is important for you to find matching provider in My Leads.

Publish your lead by clicking Save. You will see the Leads appear in your Dashboard under My Leads. You can edit the lead, by clicking Action. You can find Leads In Progress, Completed Leads and Search Providers from your Dashboard

Selecting skills is important; when you identify a skill, helping you match with the best-qualified applicants. Once your service is complete, you will evaluate your Seller and award them with your ratings based on your experience while working with the service provider. These rating stars provide incentive for service providers to do great work.

Lead posting tips:

Provide a complete service description to ensure the best fit
Offer a realistic budget; candidates may want to negotiate
Choose skills needed for services; service providers earn stars for these skills
Once the service is completed, Buyers are requested to close out the lead.

3. Making a hire
Once you post a lead, you will begin to see matching Sellers in your Dashboard. Review Sellers by going to their page.

Once the lead is Accepted you will see a Green Check Mark under Actions.  Review their profiles, send messages to request more information, or click the “Connect” button when you decide on a Seller and bid you like. Make sure the Seller has proposed a payment amount and a deadline you are comfortable with. You can message them and ask that they change their terms prior to making your hire.

Use our system to communicate with your Service Provider for the duration of your service. This is important—any communication you log becomes part of your contract and will be considered evidence in the rare event of a dispute. We cannot accept any communication that takes place outside of our platform as evidence.

Once the service is completed, review the work and make the payment as per agreed terms and close the lead.  Take a little time to review your Seller and award them Stars based on their performance in any skills you identified when posting the lead.

Hiring tips:

Ask any questions up front—make sure you are getting the right person for the service
Review candidates’ profiles and resumes to get a sense of their experience
Set a payment you are comfortable with and factor service fees into your budget
Help other Buyers and Service Sellers by providing review when services are done
4. Finding a Service
To start finding services, you need to create an account, complete your profile, and add categories and skill information that will help Buyers get to know you.

Make sure to add your skills and also upload any documentation that will help verifying the skills and experiences you have. You can attach documentation such as awards, recognition, certification, and references.

Once your profile is complete, start searching for services that interest you by going through to your Dashboard. Click on leads that interests you or search for leads. If you want to be considered for the service, click connect and work through the offer process.

Service-finding tips:

Explore different categories—Buyers can list leads where you may not expect them
Consider other sorts of services—you might be able to make money with a tutoring or proof-reading service while searching for your ideal opportunity
Earn stars based on your experience with your Buyers— this will immensely help you to present yourself as an efficient and reliable service provider to win more services. Placing an offer
When you find a lead that interests you, simple make connection by clicking the connect button beside the lead.

You can then make connection with the Buyer through messaging tool which is located on top of the page beside your Dashboard icon.  Propose how much you want to be paid for the service and identify how many days you will need to complete it. Be sure to set a realistic deadline. If you are unable to complete the service within the timeframe you and your Buyer agree on, the Buyer can cancel the Lead, and you won’t get paid.

Qualifying for lead is competitive. Some Buyers will decide to hire based on price, but many will consider candidates’ skills and experience and other factors. Keep your profile up to date and propose a fee that meets your needs and fits your qualifications.

If the Buyer is interested in your bid, they may accept it right away or contact you with questions. They might want to negotiate fees and deadlines—both Buyer and Seller can propose changes until they arrive at an agreement. Once the Buyer accepts your final bid, you can start working on the project. Make sure to communicate about your method of payment.

Throughout the service, be sure to conduct all business-related communications through our platform. Decline any request from your Buyer to conduct work outside of This will help us be fair if any dispute should arise in future.

Our system offers a great way to find work and service satisfaction, and it keeps you safe. By working outside of our system, you lose all these benefits:

A great job-matching system that costs you nothing
You will get to work with Buyers from all round the world and enhance the know-how of doing business with different business houses or professionals around the world
You will get paid for good work
A way to earn Stars for skills, build your professional profile, and get automatic leads on new jobs
We keep a record of all service-related communication, which can help you in event of a dispute. Any communication that takes place outside our system cannot be considered evidence.

Finally, working outside our system violates our Terms of Service and can result in your account being suspended.

Once the service is completed, your Buyer will make your payment and close out the lead and provide Service stars to you.

Bidding tips:

Propose a fair price for every service if not agreeable to Buyers budget—consider the Buyer’s budget but also your needs
Offer competitive bids when starting out—winning and successfully competing services will build your profile
Ask questions and make sure you understand what Buyer are looking for
Set a deadline that you are sure you can meet
Conduct all business through our platform, and decline any request to from your Buyer to conduct work outside of it
We are open for suggestions to make it a better user experience to our Users. Please do not hesitate to reach us through our Contact Us page.