Verification Guide

Getting started: 

  1. Verifying personal information 
  2. Verifying company websites 
  3. Verifying your mobile phone number 

Verifying Personal Information 

Once you’ve created an account, you are requested to complete your Profile to complete the verification process. This will give you an advantage in getting selected by Buyers. 

Verifying company websites 

Sakchha offers companies fully-branded, private job pages. Link from your company’s website to help job seekers find all open positions and boost applications for open jobs. 

Our platform eliminates the need to develop job listing and application functions on your own. It lets your team focus on reviewing great candidates rather than managing job postings. 

The verification process also gives candidates more confidence and encourages applications. 

Verifying your company site is easy. Just provide all company information in your profile. 

Verifying your mobile phone number 

Verifying your phone number confirms your identity and helps other users feel more confident working with you.