Boost Your Resume

Sunita Chhetri

1/30/2023 12:00:00 AM

Your resume is your recommendation letter to the employer. Therefore making it as appealing as possible expands your horizon of being hired. A rich, updated and error proof resume with relevant skills, quantifiable achievements, significant job details and key words can make it grab the attention of employers especially when you upload it on an online platform. 

Once you learn this art of writing, the so-called Himalayan task of writing a resume can be a matter of a few minutes. 

What is a resume or CV? 

The Latin word curriculam vitae stands for “course of life” while the French word resume means “summary”. They both are just a succinct description of your professional achievements, skills, qualifications, education, work experience, and past employers.  They both aim to obtain an invitation to an interview. Your resume should be able to persuade a potential employer that you are a solid candidate for the position. As a result, you should modify and customize your CV for each job opening.

Here are the steps that you should follow to modify and customize it. 

Know your employer

Go through their details. You may find it on their website “About us”. Try to find what is the company’s aim, vision and mission statements and dig out some key words or phrases to use in your resume so that it becomes more appealing to them that you are the right candidate they were looking for. 

Study the position that you are applying for very carefully

Perfect resumes are made for a specific job. Research for the key words or strengths that the employer is searching for and discover your strong points, match them with the employer’s demands.

Pick the correct resume format

The moment you realize what the employer is looking for then the next step is to pick out the right resume format. Are you an established expert? Then, choose a resume structure that highlights your experience. A recent grad? The handy skills you’ve developed throughout your courses should be highlighted on your resume. You can also be switching careers. Then the best resume will be the combination of two.

There are various formats available on the internet. I am introducing you to the best and widely accepted three formats. 

How you should be organizing your information or details depends on the resume format that you choose. This will help greatly to draw the attention of your employer to your strengths and oversee your weaknesses.